Benevolent Dictatorship's 15 Concepts

The Complexity/Capability Matrix

Based on the simple axiom that ‘IF’ the complexity within your organization exceeds your capability, you’ll have an underperforming team; and, I know of only three (3) ways to impact this situation. 

The Curve

There is a ‘personality curve’ that exists amongst any team and within any organization; and, you’ll soon discover that within each and every person, within that team, there exists a similar personality curve.

Your life is not my fault!

Your life is because of you and your choices! Good or bad; right or wrong, your life is your fault; and it’s the same for me. You really need people, in your organization, to understand and appreciate that notion. 

Personal Inventory

Servant Leadership [SL] requires you to admit to some intrinsic beliefs that must exist; or must be worked at in order to be the type of leader required for SL to occur. 

The War Room

Like a heart attack victim needing an AED to jolt them back to life; a War Room can have a very similar effect on an under-performing organization. 

9 Manufacturing Principles

Continuous Improvement [Ci] is a key to any organizational sustained growth; but, it simply cannot be a ‘top down’ process.  You must have 'owners' in your organization; not 'renters.'

Managerial Loneliness

This particular topic is rarely, if ever, discussed as if it were some type of debilitating disease. I would, humbly, contend that this is a leadership disease and left undetected or unchecked can become terminal for leaders.

Servant Leadership

“IF” Servant Leadership [SL] hasn’t been widely practiced; and, the other forms of ‘leadership’ have been practiced; what really does it say about those other types of ‘leadership’ practices when the majority of working people in this country hate their jobs and their bosses? 


How to revise a military formula to your advantage whereas:

Resistance = Means * Will now evolves into a successful formula for you and your team.

Everybody’s a Leader so Train them to Lead

A pretty radical way of looking at everyone in your organization is to recognize that everyone in your organization is a leader. 

Shift Your Hiring Paradigm

There was a time when the person with the best ‘operational skill set’ [i.e. the best operator] was promoted to the next level.  Times have changed and perhaps those have been the wrong skill sets required / needed for today's leaders. 

Feed the Beast

Once things get figured out, and the plant is in a good rhythm, all a real leader has to do is just tap on it, like a fly wheel, and whiz, it takes off again. 

The Hubris of ‘Managers’

We simply cannot succeed without each other; and, when, and if, we realize that; and, when, and if, we realize that working together gets us further ahead, we’ll all benefit. 

How Much Change is in Your Pocket

Leadership depends more on earning the respect of your subordinates than on bossing them around. Gaining enough trust [change] in our pockets is hard enough.  Keeping enough change in our pockets for those times when we invariably mess up is crucial for long term success as a leader.

Do Service

How can you be a Servant Leader if you will not / cannot serve others? How can you expect your people to follow you if you, in fact, cannot follow?