"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

Servant Leadership

Do your employees work because ‘of you’? Do your employees work ‘in spite of you’?

In today's ‘world-wide’ economy, I believe those two simple questions are "key" for assessing any organizational leader.  Answers, to those questions, will define a leaders career; both short- and long-term. I contend that, ultimately, people follow and will go to any length to do what a true leader wants because that leader has demonstrated, over and over, that they only have the best interest of their employees/ team/ readers at heart. I also contend that the job of leading is to: give people everything they need to do their job [tools; resources; training; inspiration] and then to get the hell out of their way, trusting that the employees have become owners versus renters regarding their job responsibilities and accountabilities. 


What I Believe

We need to flip the leadership paradigm!

Leadership isn’t necessarily something we see.  Rather, I believe it's something we feel; and, more importantly, it's something that the ‘people we serve’ feel.  This site, then, isn’t simply intended to be just another in a litany amongst all the leadership books and courses that have been written and/or taught about throughout time: from Lau Tzu; to Buddha; to [you fill in the blank.] Nor is this site intended to reaffirm what people like Covey; or Maxwell; or Dupree; or [again, you fill in the blank] have all said, in regards to leadership. Rather, I’m counting on the fact that there are some small points of clarification that can lead one towards thinking about leadership in an entirely different light. And, in fact, I believe that these differences will ‘flip the leadership paradigm.’ We offer a business and management consulting process that can, and will, work in any environment: from diner to beauty salon; from landscaping to glass manufacturing; from brewing to packaging juice; from high rise to hospital care.  The one single commonality within all is leadership [or the lack thereof.]  Timothy Haggerty LLC is your business and management consultant for today and into the future.



I've developed a program, "Benevolent Dictatorship", that guides you through 15 leadership concepts guaranteed to transform and be the catalyst for a cultural shift within your organization.

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